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CnR Version 2.4 Released

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  • CnR Version 2.4 Released


    Update time! Whats in?

    Fishing System
    You can now fish when pressing 2 when you are in a boat(Not in predator)
    To sell all your fish go visit the nearest 24/7 store.
    Don't forget to purchase a fishing permit otherwise you will get wanted for fishing without permit
    You can check how much fishes you catched with /fishes.

    Improved Wanted System
    I made some changes how you gain wanted level.
    When you have reached the max level of the crime like for Law Enforcement Vehicle Theft(6) , you will gain only 1 wanted level when commited the same crime.

    You will now lose wanted when there no cops around.

    Cops Warnings
    Like you all know cops are kind of Over Powered.
    So at this point cops should now give 3 warnings before tazer someone to able to arrest the suspect(When player is moving/armed)

    Dice System
    I just made a simple dice system to welcome gambling into the game.
    You can invite someone to play a dice game by using /dice (PlayerID/Name) (Money)
    When you roll the highest dices you win the amount of money.

    Income Taxes
    Some players will hate me now by doing this but i have added more taxes.
    I made this because we need to have something to fill the gap between the rich and the poor.
    Now every 48 hours ingame you will need to pay an amount of taxes depends on your income you made.

    - Added items rope and scissors in 24/7 market
    - Kidnappers now need a rope to kidnap someone(Might change in future)
    - Players who are kidnapped can use scissors to escape by just using the command /escape
    - Improved location detection

    Easter 2017
    I hope everyone had fun with the easter content.
    It has been removed in this update and will come back next year.

    Top 3 Easter Eggs Hunters

    1. Amil : 89 Easter Eggs Found
    2. Sex: 48 Easter Eggs Found
    3. Katie_Zhan: 27 Easter Eggs Found

    Next update
    In the next update i will give more love to Law Enforcement by adding swat class(If i have time i will also add fbi and army class)
    Also i want to introduce 2 new skills,some balances and the clothes system.

    Have fun,
    aCnr Staff