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unban for aceking

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  • unban for aceking

    IGN(In Game Name): acekingse
    Reason of Ban: shooting and robbing admin
    Banned byConsole or Admin(Give name of Admin) admigo
    Why should we unban you?: cause i was sorry and i will take precausion when i am told to do so. i was going to give back the money plus half the money was mine i gave to you

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    You still can play on the hosted server. In the test server you should help to test stuff and not fuck around and testing my patience. I warned you enough not to rob me because i need money to test stuff. But you didnt care about the warnings and keep testing me.


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      -_- i see i now know the magnitude of your power


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        It's not about power son, you shouldn't rob and shot administrators while they are working on duty you need understand that

        It's up to admigos to un-ban you


        • acekingse
          acekingse commented
          Editing a comment
          shut it sonny boy im not stupid like you!!!!